Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Promoting a trip (PowerPoint)

Your travel club is planning a trip next summer. You want to visit Rome and Venice, and you want to prepare a presentation on cost and key tourist attractions to help convince your club to add those cities to the itinerary. You have to research these two cities on the Web to determine flight costs, train costs between cities, hotel costs, and key tourist attractions (O'Leary, PP2.95). How would you create this PowerPoint presentation? Please list the slide titles and what type of tables, transitions, graphics, animations that you would add in order to catch the viewer's attention (please answer with at least seven sentences).

A master is a special slide or page on which the formatting for all slides or pages in your presentation is defined. Would you need to create a master slide for your presentation or customize each page as you go? Please explain why.


  1. I would start off the PowerPoint presentation by showing the countries of interest. The first slide would be in reference to Rome and the reasons we should visit. I would point out the key tourist attraction locations showing pictures of the most popular attraction spots. I would then do the same with Venice pointing out the key locations and points of interests. I would use plenty of animations to catch the viewer’s eyes. I would try to make each transition more and more dramatic. The tables I would show would be the cost of all fees, including airfare, hotel, train cost and fees associated with tourist spots. I would also show a table ,showing the rates are comparable to any other destination. I would customize each slide as I go, trying to enhance each slide fitting to the information given.

  2. I want to convince my club to visit Rome and Venice next summer. In order to do so I will prepare a presentation stating the costs of the plane tickets as well as the train costs to get between both cities. The hotel prices as well as key tourist attractions will be added also in order to really show my club members that Rome and Venice are the places to go. In order to create this presentation I have done research on the two cities, I will have about 10 slides in order to include all the needed information in order to persuade the club to visit these two places next summer. My first slide would be titled The City of Love & Bride of the Sea. These are the nicknames of both Rome and Venice. The next slide would state: Why visit these two cities, in this slide alongside 1 or 2 more slides I will bullet some interesting facts about both cities so that the members interests would be peaked. The following 2 slides would contain some key attractions that the following members would love to embark upon. In those slides would include images that slide, pop up or fade onto the screen of the attractions that would be visited. Next I would include transportation costs, this includes the plane fare and the train fare to get from one city to the next; followed by the hotel costs. The last few pages would include images of people who visited these cities and had a blast. I’m sure this is definitely convince my club members to visit Rome and Venice next summer!


  3. I would start off the PowerPoint by showing Rome and Venice, The first slide would be in reference to Each country and the reasons why I chose these certain locations I would also point out the key tourist attractions and locations as well as throwing a price out there and showing pictures of the most popular attraction spots. I would then have a slide explaining the price in detail by itself. Then a few picture of the country and a few fun facts for everyone to view.

    1. Thank you for posting Allysondra. I needed just a little bit more information. You are also missing information on whether you would use a master slide or customize as you go.

  4. To convince my friends to go to these two beautiful cities for our trip, I would start the first PowerPoint slide with a picture graphic of both cities, including a header stating my name. The title would appear as Rome and Venice across the headline with bold words and I would curve it across the top as the effect. The second through Fifth slide would include details explaining the cost, the flight, and the approximate arrival time. The sixth slide would go into details about the beauty of the two cities and the variety of different activities that is presented, the amazing hotels and prices. The sixth slide that includes the activities and hotel information would be set up with bullets, and filled in with different pictures of the hotel views. I would then begin to explain the wonderful weather, and friendly people that are known to be around in these two cities. Also, include the delicious restaurants, the big tour buses, and all the local shopping centers that are presented with each city. Finally, the last slide would consist of our budget plan and how the trip would be a much needed vacation spot.
    I would use a master slide format in my power point, but I would also include my own effects and animations along each slide to give my friends a better view on the information given and the seen being explained.

  5. My Presentation would start off with Pictures of Rome and Venice. My first slide would contain information base on Rome and Venice History and amazing places to look into. The second slide will contain different hotel on where we can stay and their prices. I would also put different activities that the hotel will provide and food caterings. This presentations takes up more than 7 slides because I need to show all the available places this beautiful country has. I would have several slides showing romantic hot places where we can go and enjoy. Also, many clubs and restaurants and cities. With my slides I will convice my Club members to travel to Rome and Venice next summer!!

  6. On my trip to visit Rome and Venice I would prepare my PowerPoint presentation by first showing different pictures of different location of both places.I would title the this slide "Are You Ready For Some Fun?" in bold and put it on 24 font. I will then go on to explaining where exactly we would be traveling and what exactly we're going to be doing continuing by showing pictures of others enjoying their visit there. My next slide will be titled " Lets Have Some Fun Without All Those Funds" which will be showing different package deals on visiting both places on either a train or by flying or maybe even both, at the lowest amount possible. I will then proceed to my next slide titling it " Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep" which would show pictures and give information on the best 5 star hotels. This slide will also include the prices and package deals offered at each hotel. On my next slide I will title it " More Excitement" which will give additional information on key tourist attractions. My last slide would show more pictures and would be title " Now Lets Have Some Fun".Throughout my entire PowerPoint presentation I will use different animations and graphics to make it look more interesting so therefore I wouldn't use the master special slide.

  7. I would also use a master slide format in my power point, I think it's a great thing to make my power point looks convincing and amazing, but I would put a little effect of my own animation. My cub members would understand and would be amazed.

  8. My travel club is planning a trip next summer. I want to visit Rome and Venice, and I would like to prepare a presentation on cost and key tourist attractions to help convince my club to add these cities to our itinerary. I have research these two cities on the Web and determine the average flight costs, train costs between cities, hotel costs, and key tourist attractions that we would like to visit. I will prepare a power that will include the following information. First I will start with ideas on why visiting these locations would be so wonderful. Then give information on cost of flight and train to be able to decide what is the best option. Then proceed with hotel accommodations and prices. Lastly I will give them the best information possible regarding the best tourist attractions in Venice, Italy and Rome, Italy. My slides will be prepared as follows:

    *Slide 1) Presentation

    *Slide 2) Outbound flight
    Depart by Airplane cost: Price for roundtrip ticket is $126.00
    Sat, Apr 4
    7:15 pm – 8:20 pm
    Rome (FCO) – Venice (VCE)
    Alitalia 1483 • Embraer RJ-175
    Operated by Alitalia CityLiner
    Average legroom (30")
    1h 05m
    Wed, Apr 8
    6:45 am – 7:50 am
    Venice (VCE) – Rome (FCO)
    Alitalia 1460 • Economy class • Airbus A320
    Average legroom (30")
    1h 05m
    -Depart via Train (Several trips done thought each day.)
    Italy Rail Pass
    Travel on Italy Rail Pass. Italy One Country Pass from $151, with an extra day of travel.

    *Slide 3) Hotel Accommodations
    Standard Room Option
    2 guests
    Free Parking
    Parking is included in your stay
    Free Internet
    Free Internet is available in this room
    No booking or credit card fees

    *Slide 4) Tourist attractions!!!!!
    Venice attractions:
    Get kitted out in Italian elegance
    Walk in James Bond's footsteps
    Take a tour of the Grand Canal
    Get around in a gondola
    Rome attractions:
    St Peter's Basilica
    Sistine Chapel & Vatican Museums
    St John in the Lateran and the Cloister
    The Coliseum
    Roman Forum & Palatine Hill
    *****I will ensure to present this power point with plenty of photos as well as sounds. I will definitely try my best to convince my club to add this to the itinerary.
    By yours truly, Angelica Sabino

    1. Angelica, you have surpassed my expectations. Thank you for posting.

  9. My travel club is planning a trip next summer to visit Rome and Venice. My slides will show for 6 to 9+ Nights from $1,338 w/air, hotel & air taxes. This sample price includes ALL air taxes & fuel surcharges: priced within the past 7 days for arrival. It will break down what can be done each day. It will focus the main sites between Palatine Hill and the Spanish Steps, visit the Roman Coliseum and marvel at Rome`s greatest architectural wonder, make your way down to Trastevere by bus or the help of the metro. Experience Michelangelo`s famous Creation of Adam with you own eyes. Explore the Sistine Chapel and wander Raphael`s Rooms and so much more like there wonderful food. From Rome to Venice you make your train reservation and discover and losing yourself in the maze of canals and go on a Gondola ride. Complete with music and sweet melodies, you will glide along the Grand Canal and the minor canals of Venice. Which more to enjoy

  10. My presentation will help communicate my travel club about this two Amazing cities.My goal with my presentation will be to add as much information i can so i can convince my team on visiting these great cities. I would point out best 5 stars hotels,resort and best dining. It would also point out historic places,attractions and most visited places by tourist. I would put animations,pictures and prices. Venice and Rome are places you would want to add to your travel list. Amazing cities and food, allot to see. I would customized each page as i go because the more i learn about Venice and Rome the more i can add to my great presentation.